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Watch For Me On The Mountain

Making this album was fun. It was our first try at moving from writing individual songs to constructing some kind of body of work. I used to balk at artists saying ‘I/ we believe in these songs’, it sounded trite and indulgent. But first hand experience changes things.
We believe in these songs.

Written between 2014 and 2018, they are what came tumbling out when we tried. For every song here there are one or two in the bin. Letting go was not easy, but you just have to trust your internal editor. Or maybe the better ones got trashed and the rubbish got recorded? Who knows?

The album is named after a book by Forest Carter that inspired us both. Most of our winters are in the desert of Southern Spain and we hope that inspiration may show. It is the land of the Spaghetti Western and fake Hollywood movies.

Border Town
In 1988 we lived near Lockerbie and witnessed those terrible events and their subsequent days during the dark Scottish winter. We wrote this as a cowboy song in a troubled border area, but its really about the bad luck of that border town in Dumfriesshire.

Baby Blue
Its a snapshot of things having gone wrong and a desperate attempt to put it right.

We saw a great cowboy film at the Almeria Film Festival of this name directed by Logan and Noah Miller. A bad Preacher-man, a renegade Sheriff and a Lady of the Night collide in a blood triangle. This was the first song we wrote together. Said the Preacher-man……

We Burn Up
Inspired by the rhythm of a Bon Iver track with melody and lyric by Den. It’s about those relationships you really want to work but no matter what you do, it doesn’t.

No Ash/Mind’s A Liar
The opening acapella is traditional and from West Virginia. The song is about nostalgia and getting ‘stuck’ in a certain time. Always looking back for the pleasure or inspiration. Looking at the world through rose tinted wing mirrors. ‘It always looked best then, the mind she’s a liar’.

Blue Sky
This is intended to be a simple no frills love song. Less is more.

Sin is a big and fascinating subject, but in this context, it’s about blackmail.

Blown Off Course
Opening music has a little discord.This is a song about the plight of declining mental health. Ripples flow out from ‘the centre that cannot hold’ causing damage and heartbreak. Written in Cornwall to the sound of the Atlantic. Shipwrecks and personal loss. ‘Inside my head, I’m feeling the force….’

Watch For Me On The Mountain (aka Geronimo)
He was a mighty man, indestructible and undefeated in the face of so much force.

Don’t mean nuthin really, just fun.

Charlie’s Horse
This is many Western movies rolled into one song. Tough people, lives and places. Desert sand, many miles, rattlesnakes and survival. This song was written and sung in 4 minutes with very little change to the final draft.

Just Gotta Go
The intention was to use a simple stark discipline in strumming, with no extras. There were a couple of dark verses left out of this song about getting bad news, but we have tried to leave in the feelings.

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