Club Desierto

Club Desierto was started by us in 2015 when we were part of a band called Hey Gringo (Den, Fred, Andy Butlin and Pepe No-‘Armonica). It started as a winter only monthly club at venues in Almeria, Spain and became an opportunity to play our newly written songs.

Each month we invited a different guest to play their own original music between our sets and it became a showcase for local talent. It has been a lot of fun with varied forms of music – Authentic Blues, Flamenco guitar, Appalacian, German Folk, English Folk songs and more.

We love supporting songwriters in this way and may very well take Club Desierto to the US or UK at some point. Please email us if you’d like a platform for your original music.

Here are some photos and vids of a few Club Desierto events including us as Hey Gringo and later as RioMacRae.

Watch Hey Gringo live in May 2017. 

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