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Club Desierto 5 May

As our weather improves thoughts turn to the hope of playing outside on sunny days. Club Desierto continues to promote original music. We have some treats for you!!!!!!RioMacRae host again and will do a set, this time accompanied by our friend Armorel Allan on cello! We are looking forward to this a lot. One or... Continue Reading →

Red Lamp Radio

Our friend DJ Craig Dean has now started his own online station called Red Lamp Radio and always includes our songs on his shows. His is arranging an interview with us and we will put the date up as soon as we have it done. Listen to Red Lamp Radio. 

3 Things About RioMacRae

There are 3 things folk always ask us about. One is about our lovely old dog Bronwyn who is often present at our gigs. We have no idea how old she is as she is a rescue dog and was found wandering the streets in Wales. She is showing her age lately with her grey... Continue Reading →

Bumped Into John Lennon

We tracked this down today after playing in Almeria recently. Always loved him and his unique music. Also cannot believe it is nearly 40 years since we lost him. Rave on through your great work, John Lennon!

Club Desierto 31 March

The weather threatened to wipe us out, like the other local events, but we hung in there and had the Club D inside the gallery at Albar. We love playing there as the acoustics seem favourable.  Shaun Faulkner was our guest with an accomplished set of his own music, including his resonator guitar songs. We... Continue Reading →

Almeria Gig 29 March 2019

We were invited to support our friend Jason Newton, aka Distance of Hope, at a gig in Almeria. Quite possibly the smallest venue ever, on the Calle Real in the Old Quarter, but at least we can claim that it was standing room only! It was a pleasure to support him with songs from his... Continue Reading →

First Gig In Almeria

We are very excited to have been invited to play alongside Distance of Hope (Jason Newton) in Almeria on 29th March. Potentially, a big Brexit Day (at the time of writing). No matter the outcome, the music will play on! We would love to see you there and it would be a rare chance to... Continue Reading →

Club Desierto

We have revived this idea and now do it from El Albar, El Pilar, Lubrin. The most recent one was Sunday 3rd March 2019. Our guest was John Bremer who did a number of original songs and guitar instrumentals which went down really well as John is an accomplished guitarist. And it's not often we get to hear... Continue Reading →

Message From RioMacRae

We had a very busy winter time. Between early November and early February we spent only four nights at home. Its good to be back. Plenty of musical things happened, most of which is here on our website. Now its time for some settled thoughts and settled actions - like playing our ‘home’ gig. This is... Continue Reading →

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