RioMacRae Look Back

Header Image Unedited photo of cane burning in Rambla Honda.

All this time on our hands over different lockdowns has given us the chance to look over the journey we have been on since 2014 when we found ourselves playing music and subsequently writing our own. Been quite a process. Fraught with nerves and lack of confidence, but also a need to sing and play those darn songs.

Thankfully there have been many helping hands along the way encouraging us and making room for us on our tentative foray. This area of Spain is very productive with many musicians and songwriters of many nationalities.

So here is a reflective video of the past few years. We hope you enjoy this.

It draws a line under those times and the recent restrictions. There are plenty of new songs and vids in the pipeline and hopefully some safe gigs soon.

Time for a new chapter……….

We offer great thanks to the various photographers and vid makers who supplied material. Big thanks also to the mighty and quiet force that is Jason Newton.

Watch ‘RioMacRae Look Back’.

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