Sidewalk Cafe

A strange and wonderful night last night in the City of Angels. Sidewalk Cafe on the shores of the ocean at an open mic Wednesday. It’s also basketball night for the LA Lakers on many huge silent screens – except the music area.

Musically a mix of wild country, new rock and grunge . Everyone can play well. In front of stage is Lorenzo with his small trolly of percussion instruments-he accompanies every song. But he’s good. Host is Isaac Irvin a lovely guy who looks Brit Pop and runs this mad circus with a firm love of music. Crazy things, wild dancing, a mixture of acts, basketball shouting, wild applause for your songs if you earn it.

As we took to the stage the silent match was finishing, with a narrow Lakers victory. Our songs were appreciated and cheered but it may have been the match, the chemicals or the general bonhomie. A memorable night for us in this wonderful weird place.

In the mayhem we didn’t get photos or vids of us playing but this shot is another performer who seemed to be playing psychedelic SAmerican rythyms with his band who were in another comfortable looking dimension.

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