Sofar Sounds

We went to Los Angeles, California for a few weeks and while we’re there, we’re looking into the acoustic music scene.

It was the first time we’d been to a Sofar Sounds event. It sounded interesting. You go online and buy tickets for a music event without knowing who’s playing and which venue it’s going to be in. You’re only given the date and and the town.

You get the address 24 hours beforehand. It can be someone’s home, a loft, a shop or just about anywhere. Last night was in the Endless Noise Studio in West Los Angeles. Fifty people, three artists and a joyful couple of hours.


One of the performers we saw was Nola from the band Tribe Friday doing his solo set. Just a young guy from Sweden with a voice, a guitar and a lot of talent . The whole audience also got invited to a Grammy Awards party which is happening tonight. We’re looking forward to that. Only in LA man!

Check out Sofar Sounds.

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