How We Spent Our Summer

We’re back in Spain now, but we’ve had busy times indeed. Here are a few highlights of our summer.

July in Cornwall
We were delighted to take part in World Refugee Day at The Blue Bar in Porthtowan with several other bands and a choir. Money was raised, useful items collected and much fun was had in the process. We played a couple more times at a solstice and then a birthday party. Friendly people!

Photo by Ruby Breadon

The West of England
Great musical times with Rob and Juliet on Portland Bill. Here is Den near the White Horse, Milk Hill, Pewsey. The start of a song called ‘My Magical Land’.

Photo by Fred

Upton Blues Festival, Worcestershire, England
Most important was being with our group of friends sharing, laughing and playing music including Armorel on cello and Joe on guitar and harmonica. We played two sets on the Campsite Stage on Friday and Sunday. The barmaid cried whilst we played. Not sure why though, haha.

Photo by Steve Townsend

The Hub, Eskdalemuir, Scotland
Our old home village. Big reunion with friends and family. Lovely building, lovely sound system, full live recording by Circa 16 of Dumfries. Lovely warm catch up with everybody. New songs. Armorel joined us on cello. Great night.

Photo by Sebastian Smithers

Circa 16 Studio Dumfries
RioMacRae and friends invited to play, record and be filmed by a pro crew. Recorded ‘Arizona’ with Armorel on cello and Joe on guitar. Magic, magic, magic.

We also dashed into the studio a few days later to record ‘Cold Cold Kiss’ in one take. More on that later. Dave Miller at the controls.

Photo by Sam Finch

What A Wonderful Summer!
So, that was our fabulous summer full of friends, family, travelling and lots of music. Just how we like it…

On the Camino in France – Photo by Jenny Finch

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  1. Really good to see you and Den. Loved meeting in Caithness and Eskdalemuir. Hope to catch sometime when back in Scotland.


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