RioMacRae at Game of Thrones film set

We drove and then tramped across a Spanish desert, passing palm trees to find this abandoned Game of Thrones film set. We sang some songs, made a vid or two and got some photos. Great laughs and fun!

So, here is a vid of our song ‘Blown Off Course”, which is about the sober subject of mental health – or lack of it. It is completely unedited. Listen to the end for some unexpected backing vocals! We challenge our friend Kevin Borman to identify the songster/ songstress.

DISCLAIMER If there are any troubles or charges about using this film set, we want to state Jason Newton made us do it! He pressed the buttons and made us laugh. A year or two in the State Pen would do him good. RioMacRae are innocent and pure as the driven snow!

Watch ‘Blown Off Course’ live from the Game Of Thrones set near Pechina.

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