3 Things About RioMacRae

There are 3 things folk always ask us about.

One is about our lovely old dog Bronwyn who is often present at our gigs. We have no idea how old she is as she is a rescue dog and was found wandering the streets in Wales. She is showing her age lately with her grey face and now needing assistance to jump in the car. She’s pretty rock solid and not fazed by much. She seems to enjoy her afternoon gigs and is often seen lying on the cables and recently, almost in Jason’s drums.

The second thing is our moustached man who is featured on our cards and the cover of our album. He hangs on the wall in our house in his original but very damaged frame. There is a date and signature on the photograph ….1906 Drayon. Our neighbour told us something a bit spooky about the picture. She was watching over the house for us while we were away and on the day we announced our album release, she found the picture on the floor and the frame even more damaged. There appears to be no reason for this! Either he was upset about it or we prefer to think ‘jumping up and down in excitement’.

The third thing is our name. We wanted to keep a nod to the places we live and love, so Rio is for Spain, Mac is for Scotland and Rae is because we have so many relatives on both sides called Rae/ Ray including both our late fathers.

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