Mid Air

One of our favourite bands over the years has been the Blue Nile and in 2012, their singer Paul Buchanan released a solo album called ‘Mid Air’. On being interviewed about it, he said this rather lovely thing:

“Mid Air was written from a place of humility and wee-small-hours contemplation. You can struggle with your sense of entitlement. You think, I’m not Coldplay – is this valid? There’s a modesty that comes with that, but the upside is that many of the external pressures disappear and you start to feel dangerous as a songwriter again. You realize you’re still in love with music and you remember why you’re doing it.”

And in case we needed it, that’s another reason why we love the Blue Nile and Paul Buchanan. And if you don’t know it, here’s a gloriously delicate live performance of ‘Mid Air’.

And if you want to watch a video for one of the most wonderful songs ever written, watch ‘Tinseltown In The Rain’ by the Blue Nile.

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