Live At Upton Blues Festival

JULY 23rd 2018.
We are just back from the Upton Blues Festival long weekend. If you have never been you are missing out on the UKs biggest free festival – well organised and friendly. Not just blues but all sorts of music is available. Its a feast! We saw quite a few acts with Bex Marshall making a huge impression on us all. She is a strong force of creativity, guitar playing and gutsiness. Black Feathers inspiring Americana. Dave Acari’s wild, wild stuff, holding the audience in a bluesy grip like a brawl.

RIOMACRAE were booked on the Campsite Stage and we did two gigs that seemed to go well. Also unexpectedly did two radio interviews and one live radio broadcast on the festival’s own station. They were really interested in our new album, released that day and insisted we play some songs from it which we did – and loved it all a lot.

Many friends were there at the party and much fun was had. As we arrive home and sort things out we’ll post more things. Oh for some sleep……

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